hoto Credit: dimnikolov

hoto Credit: dimnikolov

Casey & Liz, The Owners

We both love people, parties and events!  As a matter of fact, for our first date we met at Costco and planned a party together.  About a year later we got married and had fun planning more parties and dreaming of creating a business in the hospitality / event planning industry, something I (Liz) have background in.  We eventually bought River Haven, our 7 acre farm on the Willamette River.

From the start, our friends and family have told us it's the ideal spot for a wedding or special event.....the summer of 2018 marks our 6th summer of opening our farm for others to create their perfect event!

We still have dates open for 2018!


Our crew

They're the best when it comes to watering plants, flowers and keeping the farm looking good all summer long!